Welcome to the blog: Art for Change

This is a place for a conversation about a new role of the artist in today’s world. I hope to share my quest for imagination, creativity and wonder in our changing society.

Today inequality is rampant, the climate becomes more and more unstable, migrants cross borders or die trying. How can we find the trust, understanding and energy to respond to these issues with calmness, creativity and wisdom? How can we stay open and see positive opportunities? Is there a way to connect people when emotions of insecurity and distrust prevail? Can we dedicate ourselves to beautiful change, to a sustainability revolution?

I am convinced that we, artists, can make an active difference. But we need to get to work.

Stay tuned and let me hear your thoughts!
Merlijn Twaalfhoven

About the author

I am Merlijn Twaalfhoven, composer, initiator and designer of music projects that connect cultures, styles and, first and foremost, people.

I am currently working with Kronos QuartetNew York PhilharmonicNetherlands Chamber Choir, but I have also experienced working in conflict areas, refugee camps, remote villages and military zones.

I live with my two kids and wife in an old ship in the Amstel River of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The coming months, I want to share my thoughts and concerns about the role of art and the artist in the world. This dialogue is part of a larger project, the Citizen Artist Incubator. The C.A.I. will connect writers, thinkers, scientists and artists who share a common goal: to support positive, active change in the world.

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